PAHAL Social Organisation (Regd) was initiated in the year 2011 by a small group of like-minded people. Since then, PAHAL has come a long way and is involved in a number of social activities within the community for the elderly as well as for the socially backward and underprivileged children and women.  


Today, PAHAL has more than 500 members all over the country operating from it’s office in Dwarka, New Delhi. It has made an indelible mark for the goodwill the organisation has generated.

Founder and President:    Mr. Malay Kumar Chakraborty

 Treasurer:            Mr. Sujit Roy

The following Pahal units have been helping

make the world just a little bit better everyday

  • PAHAL Haryana Unit

  • PAHAL West Bengal Unit

  • PAHAL Jharkhand Unit

  • PAHAL Assam Unit

  • PAHAL Orissa Unit

  • PAHAL Punjab Unit

  • PAHAL Uttar Pradesh Unit

  • PAHAL Rajasthan Unit

  • PAHAL Kerala Unit

  • PAHAL Andhra Pradesh Unit

  • PAHAL Gujrat Unit


The ultimate goal is to bring about social awareness amongst the economically and socially weaker section, to impart basic education, core values and moral education essential for a healthy well-being, to improve the quality of their frugal lives and prepare them with skills to sustain them positively in society.

Meet the Pahal Committee


FOUNDER & PRESIDENT:  Mr. Malay Kumar Chakraborty

VICE PRESIDENT:  Mrs. Rumna Mitra Lala

SECRETARY:  Mrs. Monija Pasha

TREASURER: Mr. Sujit Roy


Mrs. Bhawna Srivastava
Mrs. Bibha Kumari
Mrs. Sumeeta Jain
Mr.  T.K. Chakraborty
Mrs. Swapan Kumar Singh
Mrs. Soma Dhar
Mr.  P.K. Dutta

Mr. Devendra Kumar


Mr. Debi Ghoshal (EX Member of Parliament)
Mr. Debashis Bagchi (IPS, EX-IG Of Police & CVO)
Mr. Mukesh Sinha (Editor, Dwarka City)
Mrs. Ritu Khati (EX-Principal, Sam Int., Dwarka)
Mr. K.C. Banerjee

Mrs. Rama Sinha                 
Mr. Anindita Ghosh

Mrs. Pratibha Pant