• Pahal

Diya Making

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Along with providing free education to the under privileged children, Pahal Social Organisation strives to make them financially self-sufficient, too. Project Diya making has been one such ambitious and successful project. Dedicated Pahal members motivated children to learn something new in the form of Diya making. And the children were very happy and excited about it. Hence these Underprivileged  children under the supervision of pahal members made beautiful and decorative Diyas for Diwali festival. Our members too, had lots of fun spending time with them. Diyas were sold at a minimum margin and the money used  to buy New Clothes for these Pahal school children.  After the Diya making ,a Diwali celebration was hosted and  sweets, crackers and New Dresses were given to these children.